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As a college-town, the city of Davis has a population drawn from diverse cultures, ethnicities, education levels and backgrounds. While a significant number of residents are employed in association with the University of California, Davis (UCD), those who are not work in services such as education, healthcare, information technology, research and public service. This has given Davis a significant proportion of educated professionals, usually having completed a tertiary degree of one kind or another (13.5% of residents have completed a Ph.D1). However, Davis is not only filled with professionals, but also citizens of all education and income levels.


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Since the establishment of UCD in 1966, Davis’ original predominantly Central and South American population has expanded to become home predominantly to Caucasians, as well as many minorities, resulting in a fusion of American and ethnic cultures. Davis is specifically notable for its quantity of first- and second-generation residents, many of whom are of Asian, Hispanic, and European ancestry. Along with having many young adults who are often an ideal sampling population, Davis has its fair share of foreign visitors. These visitors allow for the possibility of international studies in Davis, gathering opinions from first generation Chinese, Japanese, South/Central Latin American, Indonesian consumers to provide insight into the global business market.



Additionally, this has created a population with a wide variety of interests and lifestyles, which are representative of California’s consumer market trends. Not only do the residents of Davis have a specific interest in environmental responsibility and agriculture, they are also not shy about their practice of vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian diets.


Overall, Davis possesses a highly segmented sample population composed of numerous subsets with different preferences and lifestyles which makes the city an ideal location for consumer research.


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