Classic yet modern

Using psychology to maximize research learning.


About Us

We have established the Davis Sensory Institute, LLC, to provide food, beverage, cosmetics, medical, and personal care companies with a unique partner in their sensory and consumer research projects. Prior to the start of DSI, for over 25 years we conducted fundamental and applied research at the University of California, Davis, resulting in a world-renowned sensory science laboratory. Our investigations touched all aspects of the field, from discrimination testing (with pioneering work on Thurstonian models and the tetrad test) to the optimization of descriptive analysis methodologies and the improvement of preference testing investigations…READ MORE.



The People of Davis

As a college-town, the city of Davis has a population drawn from diverse cultures, ethnicities, education levels and backgrounds. While a significant number of residents are employed in association with the University of California, Davis (UCD), those who are not work in services such as education, healthcare, information technology, research and public service. This has given Davis a significant proportion of educated professionals, usually having completed a tertiary degree of one kind or another (13.5% of residents have completed a Ph.D1). However, Davis is not only filled with professionals, but also citizens of all education and income levels…READ MORE.



Our Location

Our institute can be found next to the campus of the University of California in Davis, California. We are conveniently located in the business park directly next to I-80 West. Our office is the corner building behind Dutch Bros Coffee, which is easily accessible by turning into Olive Drive. Click here for more directions.