We have established the Davis Sensory Institute, LLC, to provide food, beverage, cosmetics, medical, and personal care companies with a unique partner in their sensory and consumer research projects. Prior to the start of DSI, for over 25 years we conducted fundamental and applied research at the University of California, Davis, resulting in a world-renowned sensory science laboratory. Our investigations touched all aspects of the field, from discrimination testing (with pioneering work on Thurstonian models and the tetrad test) to the optimization of descriptive analysis methodologies and the improvement of preference testing investigations.


What made and still makes us unique is a constant attention to the human psychology in research, from planning, methodological choices, and data collection which results in higher quality data and more dependable and valuable insights.


By establishing the Davis Sensory Institute, our objective is to provide companies with optimized learning from sensory and consumer projects while reducing the turn-around time and overall investigation cost through this newly independently-owned institute. Through our previous years of experience in the field, the DSI has become a global partner for sensory and consumer testing in locations such as: Japan, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica and Vietnam.


While focusing on industrial projects, we continue supporting the training of students and young professionals to prepare them for industrial employment in various sensory and consumer research departments in food, beverage and personal care companies.


Our decades worth of experience in both academia and the industry make us a unique and valuable business partner for any company developing a new product, exploring sustainability, or looking for untapped consumer segments.


Please contact us to see how the Davis Sensory Institute can help you and your team answer sensory and consumer-related questions. We look forward to hearing from you.