Investigating Consumer Insights Through Human Sensation

We find what drives consumer liking and preferences.

Who We Are

The DSI was founded to provide consumer goods companies unique insights through innovative experimental and analytical protocols.

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What We Do

We deliver rapid, accurate, and insightful information with a strong emphasis on the quality of the data collected.

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Where To Find Us

We are located in Davis, California, close to the campus of the University of California. For further directions on how to reach us, click below.

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sensory and consumer sciences

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Recent Events




Sept. 2018 - Dr. O’Mahony will be giving a short course on the psychology of consumer preference, liking and emotion in product choice in Cleveland, Ohio.  For more information visit:




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May 2018 - Our president, Dr. O'Mahony, will be presenting the following topics at SenseAsia 2018 in Malaysia:


"Two studies investigating what laboratory preference tests tell us about real life choice"

"A simpler yet more precise numerical analysis for the verbal 9-point hedonic scale"

"Home use test (HUT) vs. central location test (CLT); Differences in consumer perceptions"


"Home use test (HUT) vs. central location test (CLT): Differences in consumer perceptions", a poster co-authored by Dr. O'Mahony and our vice president, Dr. Ishii, will also be presented at the conference.




Dr. O'Mahony IFT 2017 Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award winner

Sept. 2017 - This year, at the annual IFT expo, Dr. O’Mahony was announced the winner of the Institute of Food Technologists' Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award.